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Cổng từ thư viện EM-S8HP

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Bài viết sản phẩm

Cổng từ thư viện EM-S8HP                                                  xuất xứ trung quốc bảo hành 12 tháng *Design: Take the sailing ship as the design concept, With fluent lines,New alarm indication 

  and multifunction advertisement display.

* Alarm Rate: Adoted the DSP digital signal processing technology ,with high alarm rate.

* Stability: Adopted digital DMPD (Dynamic phase detection) technology and make the system 

  work more stable.

* Alarm way: Total reflection ,psychedelic effect,Sound and Light alarm

* Linkage: It can realize the linkage with the monitoring by the reserved signal input port.

* Extensibility: Optional embedded RFID Antenna to realize the EM+RFID double system.

* Counting Function:Optional Day Counting System Counting or Accumulating People 

  Counting System.

* Compatibility: compatible with worldwide  EM labels of same frequency and different sizes.

* Installation way: Pre-buried,Cut floor and Slot ,three ways to fix the antennas.


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